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Sending the Troops Off in Style

Rochester Daily Union & Advertiser
September 19, 1862

DINNER TO CAPTAIN HOLLISTER'S COMPANY - The ladies of the 3d ward did a handsome thing yesterday. They repaired to Camp Porter and there spread upon one of the camp tables a rich and bountiful repast for Capt. Hollister's Company and their friends. Nearly five hundred persons ate and there was still enough to feed a small multitude. The entertainment consisted of all the substantials and delicacies of the season, prepared and laid upon the table with the greatest care. Peaches and cream and ice cream came on as dessert. There were upon the table two roasted pigs, which attracted attention from the handsome manner in which they were dressed. They were prepared by Mr. Briggs, butcher on Plymouth Avenue.

The company partook of this dinner with good feeling, and no doubt appreciated the kindness of the ladies of the Third. After dinner, what was left that was suitable was carried to company headquarters and the soldiers filled their haversacks for they journey on which they left today.