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Acknowledgement from Col. O'Rorke (newspaper article excerpt from Rochester Daily Union & Advertiser April 13, 1863):

Rochester Daily Union & Advertiser
April 13, 1863

ACKNOWLEDGMENT FOR COL. O'RORKE.- The following is a note from Col. P.H. O'Rorke to the Eighth Ward Aid Society, acknowledging the receipt of the bale of goods sent to him for the 140th Regiment by this Society, Feb. 1st, 1863:
MARCH 6, 1863
Mrs. A.M.Cunningham, Sec, Eighth Ward Ladies Aid Society:

I have deferred answering your communication of the 1st of February until this late day, that I might be able to acknowledge at the same time the receipt of the bale of goods sent the 140th Regiment by your Association. I am happy to say that it has at last reached its destination. The list of articles sent me in your note has been verified, and everything is here in good condition. A portion of them have already been distributed under the direction of Dr. Lord, Ass't Surgeon of the Regiment, and have added greatly to the comfort of suffering soldiers. The rest will be applied in such a manner as to best accomplish the design of the ladies who furnished them.
Believe me, dear lady, the knowledge attested by such substantial proofs, that their sacrifices and sufferings for the holy cause in which they are engaged are appreciated by friends at home, adds very greatly to the pleasure and comfort derived from the use of the articles sent them by the kind hearted ladies of the Wight Ward. Be good enough to return to these ladies, for the members of the 140th Regiment, my most grateful thanks. They will long be remembered by the Regiment, and particularly by those whose sufferings have been alleviated by their kind attention. With the highest consideration and respect, I remain,

Your most obedient servant,
P.H. O'Rorke, Col. 140 Regt. N.Y.V.

Encouraged by this kind response, the society is still desirous of continuing its labors in this good work; and it is now, therefore, that an appeal is made to the members of the Eighth Ward in its behalf, requesting also that at each meeting hereafter this ward may be well representing. By order.
A.M.C., Secretary