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This pathfinder tells the story of Rochester and its role in the abolitionist movement and the Civil War. Here you can learn about the abolitionists and the Underground Railroad stops. You can read abolitionist newspapers, slave narratives, abolitionist speeches and anti-slavery songs which were published in the area or written by local abolitionists.

When you get to Parts 2 and 3, you can learn about the Civil War and its effects on Rochester. See pictures of Civil War soldiers and learn about their struggles on the battlefield. Experience the war through the personal papers of Capt. Henry L. Achilles. Learn about civilian relief efforts, explore political cartoons and research individual soldiers. Follow the war news week by week. Learn about Rochester at the close of war in 1865. Learn about Civil War veterans, local monuments, historical markers and graves. You can also learn about Frederick Douglass' funeral in Rochester.

Although local abolitionists and Civil War soldiers are still being commemorated to this day, our story ends in 1947, with the donation of the Roster and Scrapbook of the Grand Army of the Republic, Dept. of New York to the City of Rochester and Rochester Public Library. This volume shows the importance those who came before us placed upon preserving the stories of this tumultuous, violent, yet heroic era. It is our hope that Many Roads to Freedom: Abolitionism and the Civil War in Rochester continues along this path.