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Rochester, NY


Title Creator Date Image Number(s)
Bird's-eye view of Exposition Park, Rochester, N.Y.   1913? rpm00430
Chart of Charlotte Harbor, New York War Dept., Corps of Engineers 1909 rpm00417
City of Rochester: business section Nirensteins' National Realty Map Co. 19-- rpm00689
Existing land use, Genesee Crossroads redevelopment Project Drews, Carl F. 1962 rpm00721
A guide to Rochester, New York Rochester Transit Corporation 1940? rpm00684
A historical chart of Rochester's Sesquicentenial, 1834-1984   1984 rpm00749
Indian trails about Rochester Harris, George H. 1920-1956 rpm00332
Major street plan Harland Bartholomew & Associates 1929? rpm00717
Map of Johnson & Seymour's Mill-Race in the City of Rochester, drawn to accompany Silas Cornell's report of the effects of the old aqueduct on the rights of mill owners on that mill-race Cornell, Silas, 1788 or 9-1864 1860 rpm00726
A map of Messrs. Johnson and Seymour's land on the east side of Genesee River at Rochester Johnson, Elisha 1820 rpm00017
Map of Mount Hope Cemetery Ramsdell, Geo. D. 1885 rpm00325
Map of Mount Hope Cemetery Stuart, C. B. 1846 rpm00326
Map of Mount Hope Cemetery, Rochester, N.Y.   1890 rpm00324
Map of part of Frankfort in the City of Rochester showing property belonging to the estate of Dr. Matthew Brown Cornell, F. J. M. (Frederick J. M.) 1854 rpm00732
Map of Rochester Gill, Valentine 1832 rpm00022
Map of Rochester and vicinity Fisher, Edwin A. 1908 rpm00454-rpm00456
Map of Rochester in the spring of 1812 Scranton, Edward 1912 rpm00328
Map of Rochester in the spring of 1814 Kelsey, John A. 1854 rpm00462
Map of Rochester, N.Y. in 1834 Covas, P.A. 1933 rpm00024
Map of Rochester showing thorofares, parks and parkways Geological Survey (U.S.) ca. 1911 rpm00704
Map of the city of Rochester Cornell, Silas 1849 rpm00004
Map of the city of Rochester Cornell, Silas 1855? rpm00019
Map of the city of Rochester Cornell, Silas 1861 rpm00003
Map of the city of Rochester Cornell, Silas 1884 rpm00675
Map of the city of Rochester Drew, Allis Co. 1900 rpm00683
Map of the City of Rochester respectfully inscribed   1833? rpm00725
Map of the City of Rochester, showing pavements in use

Fisher, Edwin A. (Edwin Augustus), 1847-1948

1900 rpm00702
Map of the Genesee Park Boulevard Homestead Association Genesee Park Boulevard Association ca. 1915? rpm00708
Map of the Houston Tract: being a subdivision of town lot No. 65, township No 1, west of the Genesee River. Babbitt, C.R. 1874 rpm00736
A map of the village of Rochester in 1820 Fenn, Horatio 1856 rpm00001
Map of the westerly part of Saint Patrick's Cemetery adjoining the city of Rochester Bruff, James 1852 rpm00327
Park and Parkway Plan   1927 rpm00012
Plan of Reynella, seat of Abelard Reynolds, Esq. Gill, Valentine ca. 1850? rpm00701
Plan of the city of Rochester, N.Y. Smith, Marcus 1851 rpm00444-rpm00448
Rochester earliest neighborhoods 1400 A.D. to 1800 A.D. Rochester, N.Y. Department of Community Development 1984 rpm00685
Rochester Inner Loop to be constructed by New York State Department of Public Works   ca. 1960 rpm00722
Rochester, N.Y. Central traffic district. Proposed street improvements Harland Bartholomew & Associates 1929? rpm00705
Rochester subway trackage map of 1928 Uzoff, Vitaly V. 1937? rpm00459
Rochester's early neighborhoods Rochester, N.Y. Department of Community Development 1984 rpm00686
Rochester's pleasure resorts   1901 rpm00013
A romance map of Rochester Phelps, N. Jane 1934 rpm00018
Use district maps Rochester (N.Y.). City Planning Bureau 1921 rpm00431-rpm00438
Wagner's complete index and map of Rochester and environs A. C. Wagner Co. 1926, rev. 1927 rpm00688