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Individual Maps in Rochester Images



Title Creator Date Image Number(s)
Canal improvement: Profiles of the Erie, Champlain and Oswego Canals   1898 rpm00700
Canal map of the State of New York : to accompany the annual report of the State Engineer and Surveyor New York (State). State Engineer and Surveyor 1912 rpm00719
Line of barge canal showing limits and designations of contracts: also line of present Erie, Champlain and Oswego canals and cross sections of construction work, also profile and elevations of lock  levels New York (State). State Engineer and Surveyor 1910 rpm00707
Map and profile of Barge Canal showing units and designations of contracts New York (State). State Engineer and Surveyor 1913 rpm00710
Map of sections of present canal cut off from the barge canal New York (State). State Engineer and Surveyor 1912? rpm00709
Map of the New York State canals, completed and in progress Richmond, Van Rensselaer, 1812-1883 1869


Map showing present and proposed canal system to accompany report of Edward A. Bond, State Engineer & Surveyor of New York. Wansleben, W. A. 1903 rpm00703
Plan of swing bridge over Erie Canal on Exchange  Street, City of Rochester Richmond, Daniel   rpm00699
Profiles of the New York State canals and feeders showing the elevations of the same above tide water and the junction of the lateral canals with Erie Sweet, S. H. (Sylvanus Howe), 1830-1899 1862? rpm00724
Rapid Transit and Industrial Railway as suggested in abandoned Erie Canal... Fisher, Edwin A. 1920 rpm00687
Western Division of the Erie Canal map New York (State). State Engineer and Surveyor 1892 rpm00449-rpm00453