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Then and Now: Fire Changes Downtown Hilton Through the Years


Fire has dramatically changed the architectural landscape of Hilton. These "Then and Now" pictures show several street corners in the heart of the Village and how their appearance has changed throughout time.


The northwest corner of Main and Hovey

In 1884, Allan B. Fraser built the first Fraser Block (seen in the picture to the left, above) at the northwest corner of Main and Hovey. Mr. Fraser housed his general store at the block. In 1903 the building was destroyed by fire.

In 1904 the Fraser Block was rebuilt (seen in the picture to the right, above). It housed Fraser's general store and also the post office (in the east end of the building). This second Fraser Block was lost in the 1965 Main Street fire. After the 1965 fire the post office eventually reopened in a new building at this site, along with a restaurant.

This is how the same corner looked in 2002.


The northeast corner of East and Hovey

The picture from 1901 (left, above) shows a parade passing by the Commercial Hotel, which stood at the northeast corner of East and Hovey. The hotel burned down in 1903 and was replaced by the Curtis Block.

On the right is the Curtis Block, as seen circa 1957. At that time it housed a Masonic Lodge and an IGA Superliner store. This building was lost in the 1965 fire, as was the village hall/library (the brick building to the right).

After the Curtis Block was destroyed, the State Bank of Hilton relocated to the site. It remained a bank but has been under different ownership throughout the years. Here is how the corner looked in 2002


Northeast corner of Main and Lake

At the northeast corner of Main and Lake was the Green Block (left, above). It was lost to fire in 1910, but was rebuilt.

To the right, above, is a view of the same corner as seen in 2002, showing the second Green Block.


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