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Resources used for Meeting The Challenge

After taking this guided online history tour you may want to learn more about Hilton and its fire department, and the growth of the fire department in neighboring Rochester. Here are the resources we used.


Annual reports of the Fire Department of the City of Rochester (various years).

Atlas of Monroe Co., N.Y. By F. W. Beers.1872.

Charter. By-laws and History of the Rochester Fire Department from 1817-1882. By Henry W. Matthews, Lyman M. Newton and George B. Harris

Hilton Fire Department: Our History 1888-1978. By Donald A. Stilson.

Hilton Fire Department 1897-1997 :A Continuing History: Book II.. By Donald A. Stilson.

Semi-Centennial History of the City of Rochester (see Chapter 26). By William F. Peck.
Syracuse: D. Mason & Co. 1884

Hilton U.S.A.. By Leith Wright.
Hilton (N.Y.) Village Board, 1984



"The Arson Years: Fire Protection, Fire Insurance, and Fire Politics 1908-1910" by Joseph W. Barnes.
Rochester History
Vol. XXXVIII Nos. 2 and 3, April and July, 1976.

"Fire! Fire! An Eyewitness Account of the Bates House Conflagration" from the Union & Advertiser, May 11, 1874.

"Thanks All for Help During Hilton Fire" Henry Carter, letter, from the Times-Union April 9, 1965.

"Bank Opens in Bowling Hall", from the Times-Union, March 22, 1965.

"The Day Hilton Went Up in Flames", by Jim Orr, from the Democrat & Chronicle, November 6, 1990.

Also, remember to visit the Rochester Images database for more images and information on Hilton and Rochester, N.Y.

An antique speaking trumpet used by former Hilton Fire Chiefs, on display at the Exempt Club in Hilton.


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