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Hilton Hotel

To the left (above) is the Hilton Hotel, on the southwest corner of South Avenue and Main Street. John and Betsy Tennison built this business block in 1875 as the Tennison Block. John and Mary Piggott purchased the building in 1886. They enlarged it and remodeled it to include the North Parma Hotel (which was renamed the Hilton Hotel around 1896). The block became known as the Piggott Block. The hotel was damaged in a 1903 fire, but was quickly rebuilt. However, another fire in 1911 completely destroyed the entire block. Posed on Main Street in front of the hotel is Margaret Fraser Culverhouse with her doll carriage.

After the 1911 fire, the Paulson Block, (above right) was built on the site of the Hilton Hotel. The southwest corner of South Avenue and Main Street changed dramatically.


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