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Local pioneers referred to the town of Hamlin as the "Black North" because of the thick growth of trees and swamp-like conditions that existed there. These surroundings, however, did not deter many vigorous settlers from moving into the area and making homes. Those who stayed and cleared the land found that the soil, in addition to the area's climate, were ideal for farming. Agriculture became the prime pursuit of the town's residents.

Avery Fredericks thrashing grain.
A local farmer threshes grain

Rural scene in Hamlin, NY.
Farmers are busy at work in the fields


The Tenny Apple Orchard.
Harvesting the crop in one of the many apple orchards

Hulling Peas.
A pea vinery

Ice cutting at Troutburg.
Cutting ice from a local pond. The ice would be used to keep produce fresh and cold

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