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Lake Ontario's shoreline borders Hamlin for about ten miles and Sandy Creek winds its way through the town. These waterways have provided numerous recreational opportunities for town residents. Throughout the years boating, swimming, picnicking and other activities have been popular with locals and out-of-towners. Cottages and resorts were built along the water and, most notably, Hamlin Beach State Park was created. The beautiful area that is Hamlin Beach was made even more beautiful thanks to the man-made improvements done by the Civilian Conservation Corps between 1935 and 1941. President Franklin D. Roosevelt started the CCC program in 1933 and one of its main goals was to develop the country's park systems while protecting its natural resources.

CCC Forestry Crew.

CCC beach beautification.

Workers from the Civilian Conservation Corps (the CCC) cut branches from trees and remove rocks from the shoreline as they beautify Hamlin Beach

Devil's Nose at Hamlin Beach.
Beach-goers enjoy Hamlin Beach State Park. The outcropping known as Devil's Nose is in the distance

Ontario House.
A turn-of-the-century resort

Brockport Yacht Club.
The Brockport Yacht Club, located at the mouth of Sandy Creek

Troutburg picnic.
Picnickers enjoy the day in Troutburg, a resort area along the lake

Rowboats on Sandy Creek, circa 1905.
Rowboats docked along the waters of Sandy Creek

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