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A tour around Rochester on the Erie Canal from 1850 to the present

Map of the Erie Canal in Rochester The Canal in Business
Thumbnail of Early map of Rochester from 1860's

Early map of Rochester 1860's

Thumbnail of Rochester from the west in 1853

Rochester from the west 1853

Thumbnail of Canal near Exchange Street in 1880's

Erie Canal near Exchange Street 1880's

Thumbnail of Erie Canal along South Avenue in 1914

Erie Canal along South Avenue 1914

The Canal over the River

Aqueduct in 1855

Thumbnail of canal Aqueduct and downtown buildings in 1902-1909

Erie Canal Aqueduct and downtown buildings 1902-1909

Thumbnail of Erie Canal Aqueduct in 1890

Erie Canal Aqueduct...1890

Thumbnail of Aqueduct during 1865 flood

Erie Canal Aqueduct during 1865 flood

The Canal in Winter The Canal at Work
Thumbnail of Erie Canal in the winter in the 1890's

Erie Canal in the winter 1890's

Thumbnail of Ice skating on the Aqueduct circa 1900

Ice skating on the Erie Canal Aqueduct circa 1900

Thumbnail of Weigh lock from 1915

Weigh lock 1915

Thumbnail of view of Widewaters area near Culver Road circa 1918

Panoramic view of Widewaters area at Culver Road circa 1918

The Canal Crossings
Thumbnail of Exchange Street Bridge over the canal in 1894

Exchange Street Bridge over Erie Canal 1894

Thumbnail of West Avenue Bridge in 1910's

West Avenue Bridge 1910's

Thumbnail of Temporary bridge over old canal in 1922 or 1923

Temporary bridge over old canal 1922-1923

Thumbnail of Broad Street Bridge in 1992

Broad Street Bridge 1992

The Canal as Railway
Thumbnail of construction of Broad Street in 1920's

Construction of Broad Street 1920's

Thumbnail of postcard of New subway and bridge in 1920's

New subway and bridge 1920's

Thumbnail of Interior view of subway in Erie Canal Aqueduct in 1920's

Interior view of subway in Erie Canal Aqueduct 1920's

Thumbnail of Opening day of the Rochester subway in 1926

Opening day of the Rochester subway 1926

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