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The Merchants Despatch Transportation Company, which built and repaired railroad cars, and the Foster-Armstrong Company (later known as American Piano Company and then Aeolian American Corporation), which manufactured pianos, both built large factories in East Rochester around the turn of the twentieth century. Many people in the community made their livings in the carshops and piano works of these local industrial giants.

Merchants Despatch Transportation Company.
A circa 1898 view of the Merchants Despatch Transportation Company, located along the railroad tracks in East Rochester

Carshop employees.
Employees of the carshops, circa 1916. At this time approximately 800 men worked in the carshops. The factory closed in 1970

Piano Works Construction.
The construction of the piano works in East Rochester, circa 1905

Piano Works Mall.
The old piano factory was transformed into modern retail and office space after it closed in 1985. It is known as the Piano Works Mall, shown here in 2002

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