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A Century Ago:
Life in a Small Industrial Community in the Early 1900s

East Commercial Street.

At times, the early 1900s may seem like ancient history. However, this pathfinder will show that in the grand scheme of things, daily life may have not changed much in 100 years. Much as generations before us did, we shop in our neighborhood stores, we attend classes at school, we go to work daily, we worship in our local churches and we play during our free time. The images in this pathfinder will demonstrate how people in the community of East Rochester, which was founded in 1897, lived in the early twentieth century. How were their lives different than ours? What similarities do we share? What has changed in and around the community?

Compare and contrast East Rochester then and now through the following topics:

Fire Department



"A Century Ago" was produced by Rochester Images, a department of the Rochester Public Library. It was funded by a grant from the New York State Archives and Records Administration for the East Rochester Historian's Office. This pathfinder was written by Kathryn Heckle with special thanks to Colleen R. McBride of the Rochester Public Library for her assistance.