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Architectural Styles: Queen Anne

Queen Anne home on Harper Street, Rochester, date built unknown.
Queen Anne home on Harper Street,
Rochester, date built unknown


Home of Alexander Lamberton, Rochester, Built circa 1883.
Home of Alexander Lamberton, Rochester
Built circa 1883


Home of Daniel Murphy, Rochester, Built before 1896.
Home of Daniel Murphy, Rochester
Built before 1896


Queen Anne Style was most common from around 1870-1910.   It was also popular in England, and was a mix of medieval ideas and the new mass-produced architectural parts being made in the Industrial Age of the late 19th century. Queen Anne homes were very fanciful, with lots of decoration.  They were also fairly asymmetrical. However, the very things that made them so interesting also made them fragile and expensive to maintain, and the style fell out of favor.



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