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Architectural Styles: Post-Modern

Bausch & Lomb Corporate headquarters,Rochester, built 1995.

Clinton Square, Rochester, built 1990.

Left, Bausch & Lomb Corporate Headquarters, Rochester, built 1995; Right, Clinton Square, Rochester, built 1990


Riverside Convention Center, Rochester, built 1985.
Riverside Convention Ctr., Rochester,
built 1985


Eastman School of Music dormitory, Rochester, built 1990.
Eastman School of Music dormitory, Rochester,
built 1990

From about 1970 to 2000, the Post-Modern style came to flower. Post-Modernists sought to look back to history for inspiration as a way to bring more human elements into architecture. For instance, they might make use of arched windows or columns or interesting rooflines. Often, however, these features would be interpreted in a new way. These historical details might become more simplified in style, or "modernized." Maybe they could be more colorful. Maybe they could even be rather whimsical!

Most of the major public buildings erected in Rochester during this period were Post-Modern in style.


  • Use of color
  • Architectural details from the past are often abstracted or simplified
  • Surprising mix of style elements
  • Often has an element of whimsy


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