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Madison Street Inhabitants, as Noted in the Rochester House Directory, Volume 7, years 1903-1904.

Note on abbreviations: a "b" indicates boarder status, an "r" indicates that the residence is in the rear. Bold-faced numbers indicate a person's home and business are at the same location.


From 288 West Avenue, north to 119 Maple; Ward 11. Right side.

Number Name Occupation
2 Bucher, Peter Machinist
  Sickles, Dean Laborer
4 Card, Margaret A. Mrs  
6 Zimmer, Alonzo Carpenter
  Lapp, Edmond. H. Baggage master, b.
  Sullivan, James F. Painter, b.
  Sadden, O.H. Brakeman,b.
  Logan, Roy E. Dispatcher,b.
  Redshaw,Edward F. Cutter,b.
  McCarrick, Lyman W. Brakeman, b.
10 Brooks, Thomas Harness maker
  Whitney, Angie B. Mrs. b.
12 Sankey, Emery T. Clerk
14 Spiess, John Tailor
16 Hilbert, George J. Cutter
  Mayer, Frederick Woodworker,b.
18 Staud, George C. Cigar manuf.
20 Staud, Charles J. Cigar manuf.
22 Taylor, Chester Cabinetmaker

York Alley ends.

24 Collins, Albert W. Bookkeeper
26 Govern,Edward J. civil engineer

Leyden St. ends.

Madison Park.

Staud St. ends.

42 Miller, August, jr. Saloon
44 Fleckenstein, Val. Mr. & Mrs.  

Robinson alley ends.

48 Mulliger, Catherine E. Dressmaker
  Malone, John P. Shoemaker
50 Simmons, William A. Bartender
  Heintz, Frank J. Stagehand,b.
52 Fleckenstein, Bridget Mrs.  
54 Brast, Fredericka Mrs.  
  Brast, Frank K. Painter, b.
  McDonnell, Ella Mrs.  
  Luethy, Charles J. Car repairer r.
56 Vacant store  
58 Eisman, Joseph Saloon
  Eisman, Charles  
  Hipfel, John Tailor, b.
  Kinney, Michael Laborer, b.
  Robbins, Robert Clerk
  Stierly, Edward S. Tinsmith
  Cromer, John W. Salesman
  Cromer, Florence Miss b.
  Cromer, Mary Miss b.

Left Side.

5 Miller, George Packer
  Miller, George H. Clerk, b.
  Sweet, Frederick E. Salesman
  Beach, Leo A. Clerk
11 Betz, Henry Carriage maker
  Betz, Henry D. Painter,b.
15 McNall, Robert J. Butcher
  Rose, Elizabeth Miss b.
  Sauer, Clara Miss b.
  Sauer, Catherine Miss b.
  Sauer, Fannie Miss b.
17 Anthony, Susan B. Miss  
  Anthony, Mary S. Miss b.
19 Cook, Louis C. Supt.
21 Hayes, E.A.C. Miss Teacher
  Croft, Lucy Miss, b.  
23 Fromm, John C. Stagehand
27 Coleman, Jane C. Mrs.  
  Coleman, Lillian B. Miss b.
  Barhite, John A. Lawyer, b.
29 Wackerman, Frank X. Machinist
  Wackerman, Wm. H. Electrician, b.
31 Vacant house  
31 1/2 Reed, David E. Chemist
  Sigler, Richard B. Salesman, b.
33 Kavanagh, Michael D. shoemaker
35 Ayling, William H. Painter
  Stevens, Rose C. Miss b.
37 Strong, Abraham Woodworker
  Creighton, Melvin B. Woodworker, b.
  McLean, Winfred Machinist, b.
  McCallum, Verna Woodworker, b.
  Murray, John A. Notions
  Moore, Leslie S. Packer, b.
39 Moran, Edward F. Cutter
41 Kondolf, Ottilie M. Mrs.  
41 1/2 Fischer, Frank W. Tailor
  McCarthy, Elmira Miss b.
43 Qualtrough, Charles S. Postal clerk
  Langenberger, Richard Baker
47 Norman, Minnie Mrs.  
49 Utz, Henry W. Shoe manufacturer
  Schlager, Edward Cigar maker, b.
51 Goodberlet, Martin  
  Goodberlet, John Grocer, b.
  Goodberlet, Joseph R. Trunks,b.
53 Jones, Horace Surveyor
55 Whittlesey, W.W. Toolmaker

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