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The Civil War Era

By 1860, the Cunningham carriage factory had been operating for twelve years on Canal Street. It was one of the country's largest carriage manufacturers. St. Mary's Hospital had opened on West Avenue in 1847. Rochester City Hospital opened on West Avenue in 1864. Wings were added in 1865 and 1871. This hospital was the predecessor to Rochester General Hospital. Saints Peter and Paul Roman Catholic church was established on Maple Street at the corner of King Street in 1859 by German immigrants (it moved to West Main in 1912). Westminster Presbyterian Church had established a mission church by 1860. Other businesses grew up around the canal. School No. 2 had been built at Madison Park and King Street in 1843 (it was rebuilt in 1874). St. Mary's Boys' Orphan Asylum, which had been formed in 1864, moved to the corner of West Avenue and Genesee Street in 1867. The rear portion of that property was sold to St. Patrick's Girls' Orphan Asylum in 1897.

Map of the City of Rochester from Cornell's Maps.



Cunningham Factory on Canal Street.

Cunningham carriage factory on Canal Street. Print dated 1851.


St. Mary's Hospital, circa 1900.

St. Mary's Hospital, circa 1900


Rochester City Hospital.

Rochester City Hospital, 1865


Liederkranz Club.

Westminster Presbyterian Church, in a photo taken after it became the Liederkranz Club, dated 1916-1925 (?)

Saints Peter and Paul Church.

Saints Peter and Paul Church. Print is dated 1859-1910.


School No. 2.

School No. 2, built 1874 to replace the 1843 building at the same site. Picture dated 1935.


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