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East Avenue Today

The "East End"

In the early 21st century, the business district has become known by a new name, the "East End". A combination of commercial and residential buildings exists alongside each other. Many old buildings have been preserved, while others have been converted from their original purposes to restaurants and the like. New buildings have also been constructed. The East End has become popular for cultural events of various types, and is now a thriving entertainment district.

Liberty Pole with holiday decorations.

Liberty Pole, with holiday decorations, and the East End

The Little Theatre.

The Little Theatre

The Residential Area

The growth of museums along the avenue has helped in many ways to establish the residential part of the avenue as one of the main cultural areas of the city. Locals and tourists alike can explore Rochester's past, the history of photography and film, and the wonders of the natural world within those museum walls.

Few people, however, know of the history just beyond those walls. For those willing to listen and learn, East Avenue offers the personal histories of pioneers and stagecoach travelers, farmers and nurserymen, inventors and astronomers, captains of industry and society women, butlers and maids, ministers and worshipers, students and professors, and architects and engineers. All of these have lived, traveled, worked and played on the avenue.

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