Architectural Styles:
Victorian Stick, Folk  & Eastlake

Home, Averill Avenue,Rochester, built before 1890.
Home, Averill Avenue, Rochester
Built before 1890


Susan B. Anthony's home, Rochester, built before the Civil War.
Susan B. Anthony's home, Rochester
Built before the Civil War


These Victorian-era styles were popular from about 1860 to about 1910.

Stick Style structures were usually plain and simple in appearance. Their distinguishing feature was a large, ornamental truss under the eaves. Some houses were more decorative, and that style was sometimes called "Eastlake" after Charles Eastlake, a famous British furniture designer.

The Folk Victorian Style was also a plain version of this; however, many Folk Victorians were not architect-designed, but rather were designed by homeowners themselves. They were therefore, usually cheaper but often more fanciful and creative. They were often small, cottage-style houses.


  • Large, ornamental truss under the eaves
  • Applied decoration, sometimes of various architectural styles
  • Porches often have spindlework and turned posts

Home on Harvard Street, Rochester, built before 1890.

Home of Ardelia Brooks Bruff, Rochester, built 1850's.

Left, home on Harvard Street, Rochester, built before 1890; right, home of Ardelia Brooks Bruff, Rochester, built 1850's


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