Architectural Styles: Modern

Modern House, Brighton.

Strasenburgh Planetarium, Rochester, built 1968.

"Mushroom House", Perinton.

Left, Modern house, Brighton; Center, Strasenburgh Planetarium, Rochester, built 1968;
Right, Mushroom House, Perinton


After World War II, a new modern style appeared on the scene. This style was used for everything from houses in the postwar suburban subdivisions to churches, schools, stores and skyscrapers. Architects designed these buildings to be uncluttered in appearance. New building techniques were used to create interesting effects with geometric shapes. Modern style was used extensively from about 1950 to the 1980's.


  • Lack of ornamentation
  • Relatively flat, uniform surfaces
  • Emphasis on geometric shapes, sometimes from the natural world


Chase Tower, Rochester, built 1973.

Temple Sinai, Brighton, built 1967.

Xerox Square, Rochester, built 1965-67.

Left, Chase Tower, Rochester, built 1973; Center, Temple Sinai, Brighton, built 1967;
Right, Xerox Square, Rochester, built 1965-67


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