Architectural Styles: Federal

The Stone Tolan House, Brighton, Built 1792.
The Stone Tolan House, Brighton
Built 1792


The Oliver Loud House, Bushnell's Basin, Built 1812.
The Oliver Loud House, Bushnell's Basin
Built 1812


The Oliver Culver House, Rochester, Built 1816.
The Oliver Culver House, Rochester
Built 1816


Richardson's Canal House, Bushnell's Basin, Built 1818
Richardson's Canal House, Bushnell's Basin
Built 1818


The Federal style was popular from the end of the Revolution until the 1830's. It is interesting that most of the buildings seen here were built as stagecoach stops. The owners of the buildings lived in them, but also offered food, drink and lodging to travelers.

The refined style of these buildings was the one popular in New England at the time, and settlers brought their preferences with them. This style, in turn, was based on a style made popular in England by Robert Adam and his brother.


  • A low-pitched or flat roof
  • Symmetrical design, with windows arranged evenly around a central doorway
  • Some kind of decorative crown or roof over the front door
  • Shutters
  • Narrow side windows on both sides of the front door
  • Dentil (toothlike) moldings on the cornice
  • Occasionally, fanlights over the front door

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