East Avenue Inhabitants, as noted in the Rochester House Directory, Volume 7, years 1903-1904.

Note: We’ve listed only heads of households and their wives in most cases. Also, occupations listed here refer to the positions held by the husbands. This occupational information was gleaned from the Rochester City Directory Volume 54, 1903. House numbers have changed through the years. This chart represents only a selection of East Avenue inhabitants. Not every household on the street has been listed.


House number Name Occupation
214 Sibley, Mr. & Mrs. Hiram W. Owner of Triangle Building
227 Smith, J. Moreau President of Rochester Trust & Safe Deposit Co.
234 -Powers, Helen Craig

-Perkins, Mr. & Mrs. Gilman N.

-Widow of Daniel Powers, banker & owner of the Powers Building

-Secretary of City Realty Co.

250 Vogt, Mr. & Mrs. Albrecht President and treasurer of Vogt Manufacturing & Coach Lace Co. (casket + carriage trimmings)
251 Cook, Mr. & Mrs. Frederick President of Rochester German Insurance Co. and of The German American Bank of Rochester
268 Meyer, Mr. & Mrs. Theobold Partner in Garson, Meyer & Co. (clothiers)
275 Perkins, Mr. & Mrs. Erickson Partner in Spader & Perkins (stock brokers)
281 Bausch, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Vice President of Bausch & Lomb Optical Company
293 Strong, Mr. & Mrs. Henry A. President of Eastman Kodak Company
303 Lamberton, Alex. B. Real estate
304 Stern, Mr. & Mrs. Morley A. Partner in Michaels, Stern & Co. (clothiers)
309 Ellsworth, Mr. & Mrs. Henry M. Partner in Ellsworth & Grant (building contractors)
314 Cutler, Mr. & Mrs. James G. Architect (Served as mayor of Rochester from 1904 – 1908)
315 Raines, Mr. & Mrs. George Lawyer (and former district attorney and state senator)
324 Curtice, Mr. & Mrs. Edgar N. Vice President and treasurer of Curtice Brothers Co. (canned goods)
335 Ward, Mr. & Mrs. Levi S. Owner of Levi S. Ward & Co. (insurance agency)
353 Brewster, Mr. & Mrs. Henry C. President of Traders National Bank
362 Sibley, Mr. & Mrs. Rufus A. President of Sibley, Lindsay, Curr & Co. (Dept. store)
373 Lindsay, Mr. & Mrs. Alexander M. Vice President of Sibley, Lindsay, Curr & Co. (Dept. Store)
386 Cunningham, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph T. Partner in James Cunningham, Son & Co. (carriage manufacturers)
389 Boswell, Mr. & Mrs. Charles P. President of Rochester Machine Screw Co.
400 Eastman, George Treasurer and founder of Eastman Kodak Co.
415 Harris, Mr. & Mrs. Edward President of Security Trust Co. and partner in Harris & Harris (law firm)
416 Shantz, Mr. & Mrs. Moses B. President of M.B. Shantz Co. (buttons) and treasurer of International Button Co.


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