A Selection of East Avenue Businesses and Institutions, as listed in the Rochester House Directory, Volume 7, years 1903-1904.


House Number Building or Company Name A sampling of businesses listed at the location, with descriptions
1 Liberty Building Rabinovitch & Cohen, tailors

Kellogg, C.M., physician

Mock, J.E., photographer

Platt & Haggerty, dressmakers

Moll, C.F., dentist

6 Triangle Building Rochester School of Optometry

MacMahon Tailoring Co.

Goble, L.S., dentist

Logan, Mrs. M.B., hairdresser

Maplewood Brick Yard (offices)

36 Cutler Building Jenkins & Macy Co.(coal dealer)

Bragdon & Hillman (architects)

Cutler Manuf. Co. (mail chutes)

J.G. & J.W. Cutler (architects)

Colonial Silverware Co.

Pan American Nurseries

Between 66 & 70 Genesee Valley Club Gentlemen’s Social Club
78 The Rochester Club Gentlemen’s Social Club
86 The Cruttenden School Private Girls’ School
89 Christ Church  
100 L.A. Hedges & Sons Undertakers
185 Asbury Methodist Episcopal Church  
Between 209 & 221 Rochester Theological Seminary  
210 Home for the Friendless Provides care for aged women
245 Third Presbyterian Church  
249 Vernon Academy of Mental Science & The Vernon Sanitorium (located in the former Warner Observatory at the corner of Arnold Park)
331 St. Paul’s Episcopal Church  


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