The Early 20th Century: The Business Area

The business district extended from the Liberty Pole (on Main Street) to Alexander Street. In the early days of East Avenue this section had been residential. However, towards the end of the 1800's and into the 1900's more businesses began to move in. Commercial structures like the Liberty Building, Cutler Building and Triangle Building were erected in place of private homes. Apartment buildings such as the Davenport, the Wentworth and the Richmond were constructed. The Little Theatre opened in 1929. These buildings and others joined the clubhouses of the Genesee Valley Club and the Rochester Club to make this section of East Avenue quite different from the area beyond Alexander Street, which maintained its air of distinction with its fine homes.

Businesses on East Avenue 1903-1904


Views of the Business End of East Avenue in the Early Years of the 20th Century.

Main Street from East Avenue, circa 1890. East Avenue, from Main Street, 1920.

  Left, looking towards Main Street from East Avenue, circa 1890. Right, looking southeast towards East Avenue from Main Street in the 1920's. The Triangle Building is on the left; the Liberty Building is on the right.


Triangle Building. Powerton Tire Sales Company on East Avenue.

Left, the Triangle Building at the corner of Main Street and East Avenue, circa 1908. The Liberty Building is visible on the right. Right, men in front of Powertown Tire Sales Co. on East Avenue, east of Union Street, in the 1920's.

The former Genesee Valley Club House. The Wentworth Apartments, 1922.

Left, the former Genesee Valley Club House, shown converted for commercial use in the 1920's, on the northwest corner on East Avenue and Gibbs Street.  Right, the Wentworth Apartments, 1922, northeast corner of East Avenue and Gibbs Street.


The Hiram Sibley Building, built 1924. Genesee Valley Club, 1900.

Left, the Hiram Sibley Building , built 1924. Right, the Genesee Valley Club, as seen circa 1900


The Rochester Club, circa 1890.

The Rochester Club, circa 1890


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