A Description of the Warner Observatory, by Lewis Swift

History and Work of the Warner Observatory, Rochester, N.Y., 1883-1886, Vol. 1. Rochester, N.Y.: Warner Observatory (?), 1887, page 5.

Note: In this work, Swift also describes the various pieces of equipment used in great detail. He includes his astronomical observations, and also includes the prize essays submitted to the observatory.

"…It is delightfully situated on the south side of East Avenue, one of the most beautiful and fashionable streets of this city. The building stands about one-third of a mile south of the University of Rochester, nearly one and one-half miles south of east of the Court House, a few steps west of the princely residence of Mr. H. H. Warner, on what fifty years ago was a dense forest. Its horizon is nearly unobstructed, in every direction, in some points forty miles distant being had. In nearly every outlook, woodland, field and meadow combine to produce most picturesque effect.

The material used in its construction is white sandstone from Lockport--sixty miles west--and, unlike many varieties of this kind of stone, is free from red oxide of iron. The tower is circular in form, with a diameter of thirty-one feet, outside measurement. Its revolving dome is, of course, of the same diameter. This dome embodies some novel features, and in the matter of economy of construction, lightness, ease of revolution and simplicity of the device for rotating, leaves little to be desired."

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