The Life and Work of Harvey Ellis

Obituary of Harvey Ellis
From the Rochester Herald of January 5, 1904, page 6, col.1
This is offered as demonstration of the high regard in which Harvey Ellis was held. Some of the biographical information, however, is incorrect.

Death of Harvey Ellis

Harvey Ellis, formerly a resident of Rochester and a well-known architect, died Sunday night in St. Joseph's Hospital, Syracuse, aged 53 years. Besides his wife he leaves one brother, Charles S. Ellis.

Mr. Ellis was born in Albany and was educated at West Point. After leaving college he went to New York, where he began the study of architecture. Leaving that city he came to Rochester and entered business with his brother, with whom he remained for several years, when he went West.

Mr. Ellis returned to this city several years later and again entered business with his brother. Last year he went to Syracuse, where he became associated with Gustave Stickley, an architect. He had been prominently connected with "The Craftsman", an art magazine.

Mr. Ellis was the first winner of the Grant tomb competition. Among artists and architects he ranked very high and was spoken of by the "American Architect" as being one of the three great architects of the country.



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