The Life and Work of Harvey Ellis

Transcript of an article in the Union & Advertiser,
March 16, 1895, page 19 col. 1

Artists' Studios: Mr. Harvey Ellis

Mr. Harvey Ellis is not a painter by profession. The shingle tacked above his door announces to the world that he is an architect. But though he spends a great share of his time in drawing plans for houses, churches and other architectural designs, he still finds time to produce a picture once and awhile. And when he does offer one of his pictures to the world it is the best that artistic workmanship, coupled with genius, can produce. The character of Mr. Ellis' painting can easily be determined by a glance at his studio. He is not pent-up in any room to do his work. He chooses the great studio of Nature. His favorite sketching spot is in the vicinity of the eastern wide waters, the simple beauty of whose scenery he has transposed to canvas. In this spot he can be found during the out-door term of the year. It is his only real studio and is characteristic of the man. No comment is needed here upon Mr. Ellis' pictures. They are too well known. His moonlight effects are among the best things that he has done in the way of landscapes. Mr. Ellis is equally strong in figures, and his classical work in that line is widely known.

Mr. Ellis was born in this city about forty-two years ago. His boyhood days were spent here, and with the exception of about fifteen years or so, his whole life has been spent in the Flower City. He commenced life as a civil engineer and finally drifted into architecture. From architecture to art was but a short step to one endowed with artistic tastes and gifts. He left Rochester and took up the study of art under the guidance of several of the masters. He then made a trip all over this country, being gone nearly twelve years. Mr. Ellis was a charter member of the Rochester Art Club, but he is not now a member. He was one of the three artists who started the club. In addition to the studio, one of Mr. Ellis' pictures is reproduced in this number of the illustrated Union by the kind permission of this artist. (Note: The picture reproduced in the article is titled "The Salute.")

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