The Life and Work of Harvey Ellis

Legal Confrontation

In 1885, Charles S. Ellis, brother and partner of Harvey Ellis, was placed on trial for bribery. The trial was covered heavily in the local newspapers. Volume 20 of George Raines' scrapbook at Rochester Public Library contains some of these articles about the trial. Apparently Ellis was convicted and fined $500. However, several articles, while duly reporting this, also had kind words to say about Ellis' character. Ellis himself continued to work in the city until his death. The following is a transcription of an undated article from the scrapbook.

Trial of Charles Ellis
The Ellis Indictment

The Grand Jury's Statement of the Charge Against C. S. Ellis

Charles S. Ellis, having furnished bond for his appearance, the indictment charging him with bribery was opened to-day. It contains but one count which recites the charge against him substantially thus: On the 28th of August, 1884, the Board of Supervisors directed its jail committee to advertise for plans and specifications for a new jail.

The committee met October 16th, and advertised as directed in the four daily papers of this city. On the 12th of November plans were submitted by Andrew J. Warner, Charles S. Ellis and Jay Fay, which were reported by the committee to the Board on the following day. On the 12th of January, 1885, Charles S. Ellis gave $150 to Richard Hill, the Supervisor representing Irondequoit, for the purpose of influencing his vote in the consideration of the plans by the Board.


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