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The Canal and the River

This is a map of the Genesee River in Rochester.

Can you find the Erie Canal aqueduct that went over the river? Use your mouse to point to it in the picture. (Go slowly and watch for the clue.)
Click on the aqueduct to see a drawing of what the aqueduct looked like. Then come back here.

Do you know what an aqueduct is?
Let's compare it to something else that crossed the river.

Use your mouse to find the Main Street bridge. (Again, go slowly and watch for clues).
Click on the bridge to see a drawing of what it looked like. And then come back.

Is the bridge like the aqueduct?
In what ways?
How is the bridge different fom the aqueduct?

Would you like to take a closer look at the map (209 KB, 3520 x 1184 pixels)?

From: Map of the Genesee River in the city of Rochester from Johnson's Dam to the High Falls, 1866. Printed pen and ink drawing including sketches of Main St. Bridge and Aqueduct. 14" x 23 1/2".

Can you find the water fall on the river?
Click on it to find out something interesting that happened at these falls in 1829. You can then come back here.