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Mission, Vision, Values

The Rochester Public library is committed to delivering high quality services to all of our customers. Our focus on quality principles has enhanced the creativity of staff and enabled us to deliver our services more efficiently and effectively.

The library's Quality movement is guided by a Quality Council, which represents a creative partnership between staff and management. I invite you to explore this web site to learn about the Quality Council and our quality movement, which has been both exciting and challenging.


Vision Values

of the Rochester Public Library

Our Vision

The Rochester Public Library is recognized as an indispensable educational resource and community asset and one of the best libraries in the nation.

Our valued and culturally diverse staff provides convenient and reliable services and dynamic collections that anticipate the needs of our community. Our attractive and inviting facilities enable us to meet the specific library service needs of neighborhoods.

We play a leadership role in facilitating independent learning in order to help people lead more productive and fulfilling lives.

Our Mission

The Rochester Public Library enriches the quality of life in Rochester and Monroe County by providing educational, recreational, aesthetic, and informational materials, services and programs to help people follow their own lines of inquiry and enlightenment.

Through a partnership of public and private resources, the Library assists the City and County in meeting the needs of the community by operating the central and branch libraries, conducting outreach programs and providing services to member libraries of the Monroe County Library System.

In all its endeavors, the Library maintains and promotes the principles of intellectual freedom and equality of access.

Our Values

We appreciate and welcome the diversity of our customers and treat each one fairly and respectfully.

We will do everything that we can to understand and meet the needs of all of our customers and help each other to do so.

We respect and trust our co-workers and respond to each other with openness, integrity, sensitivity, honesty and urgency.

We thrive on an enthusiastic and optimistic attitude.

We take pride in our own work and in all that we accomplish together as the Rochester Public Library.


Our Customers


Current users of library products, services and facilities

Special populations


Funding bodies


Other libraries


Our Key Goals

We will:

Be viewed as an indispensable educational resource and community asset

Be recognized as one of the best libraries in the nation

Value our innovative and culturally diverse staff

Provide convenient and reliable services and dynamic collections

Anticipate the needs of the community

Have attractive and inviting facilities meeting specific service needs of neighborhoods

Play a leadership role in facilitating independent learning

Utilize the most efficient work processes



Be viewed as an indispensable educational resource and community asset

Develop a reputation for expertise so that people will think of and come to the library first.

Have key managers become "known" and expand participation in collaborative efforts so more staff can be involved.

Become involved in every relevant aspect of City, County and neighborhood planning.

Involve others (City, County) in library planning efforts.


Be recognized as one of best libraries in the nation

Change the way we portray our services. Start to link them to community priorities and promote them in that manner.

Encourage and expand professional activities and memberships; let others know about our professional accomplishments.

Benchmark other libraries in the PR area.

Develop a plan to identify community priorities and initiate services tied to them.

Develop an annual PR plan with management and staff input that is reviewed and adopted by the Board.


Value our innovative, dynamic and culturally diverse staff

Provide funds to support risk-taking (with defined parameters).

Enhance staff compensation to ensure competitive salaries and to attract the best talent.

Provide adequate staff to effectively operate the library.

Take steps to recruit, retain and develop staff.

Identify and develop future leaders through funding for scholarships and training and expand and support employee recognition program.


Provide convenient and reliable services

Review policies, facilities, and operations to ensure that they are not barriers to convenient access.

Seek partnerships and collaborations with other libraries and institutions to enhance services and maximize efficiency.

Determine and ensure that open hours are what the public wants - adjust as necessary.

Provide convenient access to central library collection and services


Provide dynamic collections

Ensure that collections are responsive to public demand and use.

Ensure ability to move to new formats quickly and identify methodology for integrating electronic and print collections.

Explore regional collection development in an electronic environment.

Seek a proper balance between physical and electronic resources.


Anticipate the needs of our community

Assess customer needs on a regular basis.

Encourage staff involvement in community planning efforts.

Ensure adequate staff expertise to meet community needs.

Ensure that library representatives, especially library leadership, attend future-oriented conferences and workshops (i.e.. LITA, etc.).

Stay abreast of national and local trends.


Provide attractive and inviting facilities that meet specific needs of neighborhoods

Develop comprehensive facility plan based on results of Branch Library Study and follow-up evaluation of neighborhood needs.

Evaluate facilities to ensure they meet library service needs of neighborhoods and facility standards related to interior design, appearance and functionality - incorporate results into facility plan.

Expand library services through partnerships with other community and commercial organizations - consider co-location of library service outlets where feasible.


Play leadership role in independent learning

Play a major role in facilitating and promoting reading (literacy).

Play a major role in teaching and promoting information literacy.

Develop appropriate partnerships to facilitate computer literacy.

Expand programming, collections and services that support independent learners.


Utilize the most efficient work processes

Ask staff what they need to get the job done - ensure they have tools and working conditions required to maximize productivity.

Identify key processes (i.e., book selection, processing, etc.).

Benchmark work processes used in other library systems.

Identify and review alternative processes that may be more efficient.


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